The Prayer 1 & 2: An Intense Wonderfulness Book Review

Short Summary:
Byron Corona is dying and his friends pray for help. The Lord of Heaven dispatches the angel “Winged Fury”. Though invisible to them, the Winged Fury travels 10 years into the recent past. Finding Byron still alive and 10 years younger, the Winged Fury must lead him directly into the trapped town of Illuminations, California.

My Review
These books are written in Screenplay format. This is actually the first time I read in screenplay format; aside from a horrific experience in a skit which I was supposed to memorize and perform for a class. I memorized the script but the delivery was LITERALLY blank and empty.

Disclosure: It would be hard for me to give an objective book review because the author is my brother.

I am suspicious of the character Nemmy in this duology, for she bears my personality characteristics and her name resembles mine – I don’t think my paranoia is without grounds to make this accusation towards my brother – lovingly of course!

Basically, Byron and his 2 younger sisters find themselves in a small town cursed in time. They must lift the curse before they find themselves stuck in the Town of Illuminations, California forever. With a race against time and a battle with the local gang of 5 thugs, they have to uncover the secrets of the curse. Nemmy plays a big role in discovering this secret.

Nemmy rules forever.

These books are available on Amazon Kindle. Download them today and let me know what you think of the story!

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