Review of 500 Piece Assorted Size & Color Hearts, Stars, Flowers, Pearls, Bows Pink Embellishments For Card Making

Hi Everyone!,
I am writing a review of these 500 piece Assorted flat back embellishments I purchased.

I ordered these on Amazon and received them on time with no problem. The company name is Pepperlonely. They are a Jewelry Beading supplier in Ontario, California. 

This is what the packaging looked like:

This is what they looked like when I emptied the bag:

I separated the embellishments individually to get a better view of what I received.
Here is a small pile of tiny flat back pearls and bows. I think these bows are 3mm because they are so small!

Here are the bigger pearls:

Flat Back Tear Drop colored pearls:

Here are some lovely roses. I wish there were more of these in the bag because I love roses.

Here are some pretty tulip heads

Pretty pastel flowers:

More Flowers:

And another set of flowers:

Here are pretty bows:

Another style of bows:

Beaded Bows:

Another stye of Beaded Bows:

These little hollowed center circle clusters:

Here are circle clusters:

Large Pearl Buttons:

I received a lot of puffy stars:

Here are Beaded Star Outlines:

Here are Beaded Heart Outlines:

Puffed Hearts:

Larger Puffed Hearts:

Little Snowflakes:

Here is the link of where I purchased these adorable pearls from:

500pc Assorted Size & Color Hearts, Stars, Flowers, Pearls, Bows Flat Back Pe
Quantity: 45 Gram (Approximately 500PC)
Size: Assorted from 6mm – 25mm, most styles are around 8mm-13mm
Shape: Assorted
Material: Plastic


Card I used with these beads.

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