Recommended Bullet Journal Supplies

Hi There,
I would like to share my bullet journal supplies with you for the #PlanWitheMeChallenge on Instagram.

These are the supplies I have that have helped me with my Bullet Journal Experience!

1. Bullet Journal:

My Journal is The Essentials Journal.

It took me a bit of time to research before I purchased a Bullet Journal. I knew I wanted a high GSM number (grams per square meter – the higher the GSM, the heavier the paper). I was planning to use different mediums like watercolors, gel pens, sharpies, stamp ink – so a higher GSM would be to my benefit. I wanted a higher GSM to minimize the “bleed-through” behind the paper. I didn’t want any bleed-through because I wanted to use both sides of the paper.

These were my notes on the popular Bullet Journals:

The Very Big Sketchbook is an art book, but I was curious about it.

I ended up purchasing The Essentials Journal in grid lines at 100 GSM (this is considered light weight card stock). The dotted lines was out of stock at the time of purchase. It cost me about $10 which was very reasonable compared to the other popular brands. I wish it had MORE sheets though.

Here is my Pen test on the Essentials Bullet Journal. The only Bleed-through was the Sharpie Ultra Fine Marker.

2. Pens, Rulers, Stencils, Pencils

I use a Transparent ruler (from the dollar tree) so I can see what I’m doing! They come in a 2-pack.

I use Pigma Micron Pens for doodling and stamping. They work well on watercolors and water based dye inks (like my general stamping). They came in a range of
Size: 0.2mm (005), 0.25mm (01), 0.3mm (02), 0.35mm (03), 0.4mm(04), 0.45mm (05), 0.5mm (08),1.0mm (1), 0.8-2.5mm (BR). I like the nice little carrier they came in!

I use Tanmit Gel Pens. I LOVE these gel pens! They came in a pack of 240. 120 pens, 120 refills Some are glittered, some are metallic-like, some are fluorescent, some neon, some regular. It was a decent variety.

I didn’t have space for them on my craft table so I hung them on the wall with the tips facing down. I also numbered them in accordance to my Gel Pen color chart.

I created a box to hang underneath the gel pens. These are my dollar tree pens and pencils.

I use Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Markers. These came in a set of 48. I made a box and hung these on the wall too. Seriously, I don’t have space on my little craft table! 🙂 Yes, that’s an Apple Pencil and a craft knife on the end.

The Sharpies didn’t have color names labeled, so I named them after emotions from this Emotions Tracker chart in my Bullet Journal:

3. Planner Stickers, Embellishments, Labels

I use Denise Albright Every Gal Planner Stickers. They came in 8 sheets. Here are the designs:

I like them but I think I will make more as a project 🙂

Here is my Bullet Journal Dashboard: (work in progress)…

I had to add my favorite Tea Bags as “Emergency” Bags. I will try to add more supplies to this list as I continue to use my Bullet Journal.

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