My Season of Change

Hi Readers!,
I have been going through a few changes lately and I felt the need to write about them tonight to clear my mind and to let you know about the changes happening to this site.

1. This website is changing! I will cut down papercraft tutorials to add different content. Don’t worry, I will post one occasionally but I stopped the challenges permanently. They were too much work to maintain and the deadlines haunted me.

As you can see from the changes in the menu, I added book reviews, movie reviews, marketing tips and a personal blog. Yes it’s true, I’m going to get personal and update you on my life events. They’re not thrilling.

I’m not sure which direction this blog will go, but I will TRY to post consistently. I’m open to suggestions on topics? Please add your deepest desires for this blog at the bottom of this post.

Also, the thought of a VLog Channel to supplement this content came up. I’m awkward in front of a camera and I can never think of what to say on the fly. I’m not animated in real life…I will probably just sit there and stare blankly at the camera as my intro…while smiling. I will probably lip sync the video. My lips will be moving and I’ll add my voice later.

2. My pastor at church is saying good-bye. He sold the church to focus on world missions. The new church will go by a different name and will be under new leadership. I believe there will be renovations to the building as well. I have to decide whether to become a member at the new church or find another church. A lot of people I know have left the Bay Area because of the crazy cost of living. I’ve been invited to Texas but I declined. I have a big decision to make – I know I’m supposed to pray about it first and then wait for my decision. The most comfortable thing would be to stick with this new church because it’s a familiar drive to the building. BUT, I’ve been looking into some promising ones nearby. The good thing about living in a city is that they’re everywhere! Maybe I’ll make my rounds and do yelp reviews. Haha!

3. We had a thunderstorm and it hailed today! A cold front came through and charged our warm atmosphere. It disturbed our mild spring day! The Bay Area doesn’t get many thunderstorms. The one thunderclap we had was loud! Yes, I have lived in the East Coast for a time and I understand how eyes will roll towards Californians who exaggerate the slightest rain drop. Needless to say, people were struggling to drive on the hail that blanketed the city streets. The Bay Area was actually featured on the Weather Channel’s website… I was excited about it. I love the weather channel articles and videos. I watch Tornado and Hurricane documentaries. I used to love the Storm Chaser series. Twister was my favorite movie for a long time. Reed Timmer is my favorite storm chaser! He’s my dude! You can find him on Accuweather. I also enjoy Dr. Greg Forbes…so much knowledge! Anyway, here’s the link to the weather channel story of the hail in the Bay Area today: Weather Channel Story.

I have a little story about my first East Coast Thunderstorm: I had just moved to the East Coast and we were going through a severe thunderstorm. I was home alone and I ran to the neighbors house (who I didn’t know at the time) and I said, “Hi, I’m from California and this is my first thunderstorm, can I come in?” My sweet neighbor let me in and I ended up having the loveliest time with him and his wife sipping sweet tea and waiting it out. I’m aware this story will cause eye rolls and rants.

4. Shortly after it hailed this morning, we experienced a 3.9 Earthquake. I had finished my morning breakfast when I felt a rumble and a sudden jolt. I was frazzled.

5. One of my favorite Christian Bands is disbanding after a farewell tour. They leave behind a legacy of inspiring, uplifting and beautiful life-changing songs. Here’s their Youtube Channel: Third Day.

Thank you for reading!

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  • I hope all goes well! That does sound like a lot going on but you can do it! 🙂

    Just to poke at the church issue. Sounds rather bitter sweet. My church folded in actually one year ago this month (April). Problems were growing like cancer and it tore it apart. It was really sad. I was the worship leader for about a year before I was kicked out. Yup. I was kicked out, right before the church finally fell apart and ended. I was kicked out because I said to someone who asked how the sermon went: There is a reason why we are leaving. Now, that sounds harsh, but I had about a year of frustration with the pastor and I was no one to bring up his personal problems. Many people had already confronted him of his issues and he considered them as traitors. Insecurities can kill! It was a mess, and I have been churchless ever since. I visited so many churches but became disgusted to find out what the church has been doing and what it has become. Not all churches were bad but there were strong issues in each one, or I just didn’t fit in with the congregation. Growing up in once a strong, beautiful church body, I just had an expectation it is like that anywhere else. Something is in the culture’s water I suppose. Anyway, the whole point was I understand to meandering to find a church, especially when everyone you were close to is gone. Though there is one church I may find myself more involved with in the near future. Fingers crossed! I am eager to see what God does for the America church in these next years… It is going to be interesting.

    Oh and I saw something about Texas! That would be quite the change compared to the Bay Area. What you invited for in Texas? But hey, Colorado is cool. Just saying haha!

  • Thank you for your comment! I was so excited to see it 🙂 I’m sorry your church ended that way. it must have been painful… but I think it’s REALLY cool that you are a worship leader – a writer and singer of incredible significance! so cool! That actually says a lot about you. I was in the church choir – NOT a lead but I did a pretty good alto 🙂 haha. Worship is….out of this world and incredibly intimate – a very weak way to describe it (I can’t do the experience and the meaning justice in a comment). Thank you for this encouragement – It means a lot! Yes, I’m a meanderer…an orphan, if you will. I’m looking for a home – it sounds dramatic but the decision is vital. Since our quest is to find truth, we are very picky on making a decision! my sister & her hubby recommended a church that I’ll be visiting soon. Maybe I will document my church adventures somehow? I found an outdoor christian hiking group on meetup. I joined it a few weeks ago but I haven’t gone to an event yet. oh how INTPs like to sit on the fence on things…. I was told today by an ISTJ to stop making things complicated and just do it already! Maybe I’ll make a video on an INTP jumping into the unknown for a first meet up? I don’t know what God has planned for America? The thought is thrilling, isn’t it? I shall think about it more later. 🙂
    Yes, my friend Esther invited me to move to Texas with her & her husband. They’re trying to set me up with an oil tycoon (gotta love friends!… ) oh here’s a tip – apparently there’s a big oil boom in Texas right now… but I don’t want my life’s direction to go that route. Colorado is very cool – your videos are amazing – It’s like you live in heaven. I can imagine the incredible moments you had introspecting and talking to Jesus. I performed in Colorado once during band for a Drums Along the Rockies event. I remember it being so difficult to play because of the high altitude. But I remember it being a very beautiful place. Anyway, thank you for sharing that part of your life with me – it is cherished. I hope the church you speak of works amazingly!

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