Mildliner Highlighter Tricks and Color Swatch Mixes

Hi Everyone! I’m reviewing Water Based Mildliner Highlighters – which are very popular in the Bullet Journal community.

I received these Zebra Mildliner Highlighters within 2 days. I was happy to use them right away. I was very pleased with the service and the rapid shipping and I love these pens because they are water based and they can mix with each other in my bullet journal which makes it possible to color images directly on the pages – with the big BONUS of MINIMAL GHOSTING after color mixing and adding layers (unlike using watercolors on my bullet journal which warp the page). My Highlighters came in this bag:

I tested the highlighter tips for smoothness and the ink for wetness and consistency. As a highlighter, they are wonderfully mild with eye-pleasing colors. I use them to highlight and to color art in my Bullet Journal.

In my video review, I featured some tricks that you can do with your Mildliner Pens if you’re using them for art.

Here are some of the highlights of this Video Review of Mildliner Highlighters:
I grouped my Highlighters in 5 sections:

1. Green
2. Red
3. Pinks/Violets
4. Blues/Grays
5. Yellows/Oranges/Browns

Right away I noticed that there is only 1 Green – No other shades of green to play with. So that was a bummer.

Also, there is only 1 Red.

After the grouping, I tested the tips for smoothness and the ink for wetness and consistency – this was to see if I had any defective highlighters.

I also did the Two-Tone test to see the different shades one color can give. You do this by laying a line of ink over the previous line until you get the shade you’re looking for. I also created a “Washi” effect by making little designs over a line of ink.

I tested some of my gel pens on the ink as well.

Since these highlighters are water based, I decided to try doing some watercolor tricks on them. I did a White Crayon resist, which worked. I also did a water reactive test by making droplets of water on the ink after I put a layer down.

It looked great with light behind the page:

I made a Mildliner Color Mixing Graph and created fun NEW colors to play with.

Here is the back of the graph page to show minimal ghosting:

I made color swatches with some of the colors: (it should say Mildliner – forgive the misspelling!)

This is the exact link I purchased from:

15 Color Set – Zebra Mildliner Soft Color Double-Sided Highlighter Marker
The Mildliner highlighter features a unique color that shows up softly on paper.
It has just the right shade to attract your attention, but won’t overwhelm you with bright fluorescence.
The highlighter is double-sided with a broad and fine tip.


There are 5 new colors that have come out. These colors are:
Cyan Blue
Dark Gray
Lemon Yellow
Coral Pink

I tried to find a supplier who offers the complete set with the new markers included. Here is what I found – please note that I do not have experience with this supplier:

Zebra MILDLINER WKT7-5C (5-Color Set) / WKT7-5C-RC (5-Color Set) / WKT7-5C-NC (5-Color Set) / WKT7-N-5C (5-Color Set) +Epoxy Sticker
MILDLINER is Japanese Highlighter
These are sets of 20 pens.
WKT7-5C (5-Color Set) / WKT7-5C-RC (5-Color Set) / WKT7-5C-NC (5-Color Set) / WKT7-N-5C (5-Color Set)
WKT7-N-5C (5-Color Set)-This new released was subtle and soft colors.


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