Memory Professional Artist’s Gouache Watercolor Product Review

Hi Everyone,
I had the wonderful opportunity to review the 24 count Gouache Watercolor Set as part of the Paper Craft Happy Design Team.

Memory Professional Artist’s Gouache Watercolors come in a 24 tube box set. The manufacturer name is Nanchang Lanpo Pen & Painting Material Co., Ltd. They are a Chinese manufacturer established in 1993. However, I couldn’t find a working website for this company.

The top of the box says Watercolour in big writing. I feel like “Gouache” should be included on the top of the box because of the HUGE differences between watercolors and Gouache Watercolors.

However, “Gouache” is printed on the sides of the box. Here is the box that was shipped to me:
IMG_2048-2 | by papercrafthappy411

I liked that the water colors were protected with plastic and not just shipped carelessly. This is what it looked like when I removed the box lid:

The Trays come out of the box separately like this:

I like the separate trays because I can stack them and make more room on my tiny craft table. This is what they look like stacked:

I was hoping that this box would have included more information about the paints or about Gouache in general. But it did not.

I have been using Watercolors for my card backgrounds and Digital Stamp coloring and I didn’t have experience with using Gouache…until now.

When I created the chart and put the spot of gouache paint on the paper and dipped my brush in water and touched the paint with my brush, I noticed the difference immediately. With watercolors, the amount of water I put on my brush would have worked fine and the paint would have faded gradually before the end of the sheet. However, this amount was too much water for the gouache paint. I realized that the gouache paint had a lot of pigment in it and a little water will carry the color a long way.

This is the color chart I made (notice how the pigment carried strong all the way across the sheet):

I had so much excess paint on the initial paint spot. I don’t know if you can see the globs of paint in this image.

I was excited about this because the pigment is strong and the tubes would last longer.

When you lay watercolor down on paper and the paint dries, you can always activate the paint again with water if you have changes to make. Watercolor Gouache is the same way. So I made myself a Gouache Swatch Book. It’s fun to say out loud because Gouache is pronounced “Gwash” so it kind of rhymes with “Swatch”.

The purpose of my “Gwash Swatch” Book is to carry my Gwash colors with me when I’m on the go without having to carry the tubes. These swatches will be used for small projects like coloring a digi stamp. They’re not meant for full backgrounds, you would need the tubes for that purpose.

Anyway, here’s my “Gwash Swatch Book” sitting on top of my Bullet Journal. My watercolor pen is sitting next to it:

I used black card stock paper and small brads to make the book. This is what a few of the swatches look like:

I only made swatches of the colors straight from the tube. Soon, I will mix my favorite color combinations and will save them as swatches.

I saw that the biggest difference with using Gouache watercolors was that they have a Matte finish with a Chalky texture while watercolors do not dry that way. Gouache watercolors dry faster than watercolors, so I noticed the Chalky texture and Matte finish shortly after I laid the paint down.

The best thing I like about Gouache paint is that you can use it to paint on Dark & Black Cardstock paper. Watercolors are too transparent to be seen on black paper.

Gouache CRACKS when there is an excessive amount of paint on the paper and not enough water was used to dilute it. (Which is also why Gouache isn’t available in pans like watercolors are – you would have a bunch of cracked paint pans)

Here is an example of cracked Gouache:

I’m okay with this cracking on my swatch because I will just reactivate it with water when I’m ready to color again.

To give you an idea of what Gouache looks like as art, here is a background that I made to play with blending and layering the colors.

Doing this, I learned that Gouache does not blend as well as watercolor and the paints just sit on top of one another. This brings me to my next point:

You don’t need to mask to save the white of paper with Gouache Watercolors. You can use White to color over your other colors since the colors just sit on top of another.

Here is the exact link to the Gouache Watercolor set that I ordered:

Memory Artists Watercolor Paint Set 24 Colors
Perfectly Used on Watercolor Paper and Canvas but alao can be applied to other surfaces you want
Professional Grade – The Paint Own Nice Lightfastness Property which means high permance rating,Manufactured to produce extremely vivid, superbly stuffing and super attractive bright colors that are both pleasing to the eye and picture, perfect for most paintings and watercolor artistic expressions
Non-toxic and No Strong Odor – Memory Watercolor Paint set have access to ASTM D-4236 and EN71-3(CE),All the certificates insure using safely
Vibrant Colors – The Non Toxic Watercolor Paints include richly variety of colors:Titaium White,Lemon Yellow,Mid Yellow,Yellow Ochre,Yellow Orange,Flesh Color,Rose,Vermillion,Scalet,Crimson Lake,Violet,Light Green,Sap Green,Green Deep,Olive Green,Grey of Grey,Cerulean Blue,Ultramarine Blue,Prussian Blue,Raw Sienna,Burnt Sienna,Raw Umber,Burnt Umber,Lamp Black
Satisfaction Guarantee – We are so confident that you’ll love your watercolor paint set that we’re giving you a lifetime guarantee. Get yours NOW!


Overall, I enjoyed my time playing with this Gouache watercolor set.

I wish they had more colors and a website with new color announcements and fun challenges.

I made a card with Gouache but I can’t post it until July 1st. So if you’re interested in seeing my card, come back July 1st… or visit Paper Craft Happy DT Member Laramie Coyote’s post where you will see her wonderful Gouache / Watercolor Painting Comparison review!

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