Love and Depth – an INTP’s Perspective

I saw a few INTP videos about Love and Depth tonight – yes, Spring is in the air in the land of INTP.

You see all over the internet that INTPs crave a deep connection. As an INTP, I was inspired to write my thoughts about this challenge we have in finding a deep connection.

Safe Place
We need a safe place in someone. A safe place where we can bestow our wandering thoughts, our findings, our theories, ideas, our deep emotions. The delivery of this deep well that IS at the very core of the INTP requires patience, and an understanding heart. An INTP delivery is quirky, goofy, intense or passionate – not to be quieted, laughed at or dismissed. An INTP hopes to talk about deep things MOST of the time – many “what if’s” in music, religion, literature, art, nature, infinity… This requires stamina from the safe place. An INTP can be incredibly generous with their sentiments when these vulnerabilities are allowed to be expressed. The deep connection can arrive to almost a spiritual level. I’m not sure how spiritual it can legally arrive to because I do believe God is a jealous God. Spiritual depth in God is truly deep, more than this INTP can possibly know (I’m still diving) – but we’re given this opportunity to see this beautiful depth humans can reach in relationship with one another.

INTPs want a reciprocal who is ready and willing to embark in these thought journeys – an equal. An INTP wants to dive deep into the the well of their special reciprocal to gain a privileged understanding of their motivations, thoughts and ideas so they can dream together.

Clear as Crystal
The deep connection is ideally without hinderance. No walls, no pride, – nothing that causes static in the deep.

The Hunt
INTP’s have their own formulas and methods to try to seek out this elusive deep connection. Some have found it, some are still looking … the journey may be different but the end goal remains the same.

Please let me know your thoughts!

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