Learning the Azulara Language

I’m taking a journey with a fictional book in progress by learning the Ancient Language of the Suvian. This language is AZULARA and is a creation of Eric Joshua Empyre, founder of Empyrean Media Arts.

I gathered information about the story through watching Eric’s hilarious Youtube channels – Eric the INTP and Empyrean Media Arts. What I have learned about the story so far is that Ithiliad and Iliam are two main characters that lived 2500 years apart. It’s going to be an epic novel or series of novels? – not quite sure…and it is 5 years in the making.

I’m excited that the Azulara language was released before the book because it feels as if I’m interacting with the book in real time as it is being written by learning its language- how cool is that?

It feels as if I’m interacting with the book in real time as it is being written.

*I suggest other book reviewers take this journey – it’s a rare opportunity*

In Video #2, I became obsessed with writing my name in Azulara. It took me a while to figure out how to place the vowels and I tried them in different locations on the consonants until I was satisfied with the final placements. You can see my progress below:

Here is my first Name in Azulara:

As I studied the picture of my name, I realized it resembled either a bird in flight or a mountain range with the sun shining above it and a flower below. I doodled an illustration of the bird version of it:

My first name means “Pleasantness” (I googled it) – so I was pleasantly surprised my name in Azulara resembled a pleasant day! How pleasant!

The language is not difficult to learn and the logic of the language is fun. The videos are very thorough and they follow the downloadable packet just fine. Here are some of my messy study page notes – in no particular order:

Ok, I have also taken on Real Estate and MUST study for the exam now. I was sidetracked to take on Azulara and write this blog post. I will be making a bullet journal spread of my progress sometime in the future and will improve my doodle!

Learn Azulara today!

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  • Noemi! This is such an honor and privilege! I love seeing your notes and seeing how you write the language. So exciting!! I hope it is making sense. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm. It is encouraging and inspiring to me. I have been teetering on reading some of the chapters on the “Eric The INTP” YouTube page… I’ll have to see!

    • The possibility of a reading is such a great idea! Your creativity and vision inspired me to dive into Azulara. I’ll be posting my study process in a blog post soon and then I plan to upload a video of me speaking in Azulara through your website to add to your compilation video. Hopefully it will make the cut! I have no idea how it will turn out!

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