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Hi Everyone! I hope you enjoy these Moments with Coffee Free Planner Stickers! If you love coffee, you will love these stickers!

I personally like all sorts of beverages. My favorites are Water, Coffee, Tea (Iced and Hot) and Juices from a Juicer. I also like Cold Orange Juice.

As a Tribute to Coffee, I created stickers about my favorite coffee moments.

On-The-Go Coffee Travel Cup – For the morning where I want to treat myself to a morning Coffee Outing (instead of brewing at home). I usually do these on Friday Mornings as a “one more day until the weekend” treat.

Coffee Friends The next Coffee moment was for meeting a friend for Coffee for a nice long chat. I love these moments!

Coffee Date Who said Coffee isn’t a romantic beverage! If you’re meeting with someone you’re still getting to know, what better way to do it than at a Coffee House?

Study Time Coffee This is when you know you’re going to be up late studying for a big exam or finishing that research paper… or when you need a quick caffeine dose to get you hyper-focused for a few hours.

Coffee Blogger Sticker – These are late nights for me!

Coffee Bujo Journal– I’m sorry, I love to Bullet Journal and I had to add one to this sticker set.

Please let me know what you think of these stickers, what you think of the colors or any other thoughts or special requests!

About this Moments with Coffee Free Printable Planner Stickers file:

– The sheet of this printable planner stickers size is 8.5″ x 11″ inches
For personal use only. Files cannot be resold, modified or used commercially!
– If you would like to share these printables or images with your readers or on social media please link directly to this page

Find the download file button in the image below!

Coffee Moments Stickers

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