Free Ice Cream Bullet Journal Planner Stickers

I created this Sticker sheet for my personal Bullet Journal (FREE PRINTABLE DOWNLOAD AT THE END OF THIS POST). I decided to do Weekly AND Daily Sheets. So this printable won’t have water tracker or Daily To Do’s. That will be on a Daily sticker set for my personal bullet journal.

This week, I chose Ice Cream as the theme. I chose Ice Cream because summer is coming and it has been very hot lately. I think we will reach 94 degrees today here in the Bay Area. It might be a Spare the Air day today.

Here is the sticker set I created:

I fussy cut the stickers after I printed them:

Here is the way I laid these stickers out on my Bullet Journal Weekly Spread:

I have some room left for doodles and a weekly quote!:

I did things a little different than the Strawberry Fields Weekly Spread I did last week.

This time, I included:
Financial Tracker – I think it’s important for my budget to track what I spend weekly. Like Gas for work, weekly groceries, a random fashion purchase, whatever…

It’s hard to see the columns in the photos. The columns read:
– Day
– Starting Balance
– Income
– Expenses
– Ending Balance
– My Note (this is where I put the name of the store I bought from)

Weekly Meal Plan – I plan my meals here for each day of the week

Weekly Goals – These are my Weekly Goals. I fill this out ahead of time to list what I would like to accomplish this week.

Weekly Chores – This section is for Weekly chores only. Not Daily Chores… so for me, it’s:
– Laundry
– Wash or clean out car
– Vacuum
– Clear out the fridge
– Clear out Purse

. Things I would do once a week.

Weekly Blog – This is a Blog Goals list for me that I will fill before the week starts.

Weekly Close Out – This list is the last “To Do” list I check off before the next week starts. I plan to use this for:
– Backing up my blogs
– Put clothes back into closet 🙂
– Process Mail/Bills
– Get Stickers ready for next week

I didn’t make a Weekly To-Do List this week. Since I’m planning Daily also now, I will make Daily To Do Lists separately. If you notice, there are checklists up in the weekly boxes just in case I need them…

These are for personal use only. If you use them and happen to take a photo of your bullet journal, I would be more than happy to feature your set-up!

I can also link to your blog or social media account!

Here is the Download. This is the same file I used for my personal bullet journal.

Weekly Ice Cream Printable Planner

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