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Hi Everyone!
I wanted to provide updates on my Language Learning progress with the Azulara Language from a fictional story by Eric Joshua Empyre. You will find my original post here: Learning the Azulara Language.

It is a language that has been released before the book. The book is in progress. As you know from the original post, this makes me feel as if I’m interacting with the story through learning its language as the book is being written.

My journey began with learning the Azulara alphabet through the FREE Downloadable Packet and FREE Downloadable Dictionary. I also watched the entire YouTube video series dozens of times.

Bullet Journal Language Learning Spread

I made a Bullet Journal Language Learning spread as a reference to the rules in forming sentence structures in Azulara.

*Sorry the color is yellow, I had to use a different online photo editor. I used PicMonkey to edit photos in the past, but they now require a membership to save the edited photos so I had to use a different photo editor.

Here’s an original photo without the editing:

I think the current Azulara dictionary has about 300 words. I used Numbers for Mac to memorize the words and gain familiarity with the language. I haven’t memorized all 300 words yet. This is still a work in progress!

Memorization technique

On one worksheet, I typed the words in Azulara in alphabetical order in Column 1 and then memorized the words by the letter groups. For example, I started with the letter A and memorized all of the words that start with ‘A’. In column 2 I would type the definitions of the words and then delete them and then fill them in again as I remembered them. I repeated this a few times and went on to the next letter.

Here is a picture of the first worksheet:

The second worksheet was the opposite; definitions first. I typed the definitions in Column 1 and filled the words as I remembered them in Azulara in Column 2. I kept them in alphabetical order according to the words in Azulara. I also repeated this a few times. The second worksheet was harder to fill out.

Here is a picture of the second worksheet:

I used word grouping in the third worksheet. I grouped the words as my mind categorized them to make sense to me. This worksheet is a work in progress…

Here is a picture of the word grouping:

I also used the free Chegg App on my iPad to make flashcards. The Chegg app has a useful shuffle feature. You can also checkmark the flashcards you’ve learned to keep them from appearing in the deck with the unlearned flashcards.

I shared this Language Learning Bullet Journal spread to the Bullet Journal & Planner Spreads Facebook Group and the Bullet Journal Junkies Facebook Group.

Final Thoughts

I find Azulara to be a majestic and spiritual language. I felt as if I was learning something special and pure. I believe I am taking part in something big in learning Azulara.

When I was at church last Sunday the pastor would say words that triggered my memory. He said to Seek Him – “Azukhe Filife” and I would chuckle to myself. Church would be a great place to practice Azulara.

I give props to the author Eric for his brilliance in creating this awesome language.

Final, Final Thoughts

I developed new memorization techniques that work well for me from this experience and I think they can somehow work for the Real Estate studies I was procrastinating doing. I benefited from procrastination. 🙂

I will update this blog post with sentences that I try to structure and write in Azulara.

Thank you for reading! Come back soon for the updates!

This book has been haunting me. It sits quietly in the corner with a gaze fixed towards my bullet journal. I should stop this before a brawl occurs. Papers will fly-

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  • “I should stop this before a brawl occurs. Papers will fly-” That made me laugh.

    I have an updated dictionary with more words! I didn’t know how many I should add before replacing the older version. You are doing such a great job!

    I’m really excited you are experiencing the spiritual element to this language. It definitely was influenced by such things 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    • Thank you Eric, I’m trying! I have a few sentences written down in Azulara as part of my video script. not quite perfected yet! I’ll post it and will upload the video to your site once it’s ready.

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