April 2017 Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

I decided to finally start a bullet journal. I started in April, but that’s the beauty of a bullet journal. It’s a blank canvas to start at anytime! I don’t have to throw out unused Calendar months. This is the process I went through for the April 2017 Bullet Journal Monthly Spread!

It took me a long time to figure out which bullet journal I wanted as my first one. I researched every type of journal I could find. I wanted a thick bullet journal with heavy enough paper to watercolor on. The journal I chose was Essentials by Peter Pauper. I like making paper crafts. I purchased Photoplay Paper Hoppy Easter Collection and Photoplay Paper Bloom Collection for my spring crafts. These elements were perfect for my new bullet journal April spread!

Here is my first layout.

April 2017 Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

April 2017 Bullet Journal Monthly Spread
I liked the monthly list style spread instead of the classic calendar boxes for the April 2017 Bullet Journal Monthly Spread so that I can section the things that matter to me.

These are the things that matter:
1. Birthdays/Events – this section is for any birthday that I feel is important to remember, holidays, parties/celebrations, movie premieres, book premieres and challenge events that I’m taking part in. I usually take part in card making challenges but maybe I’ll join a bullet journal challenge as well!

2. Personal – this section is for laundry day, car wash, hair/spa or nail appointments, at home mani/pedi’s, beauty things or personal reflection scheduling. Whatever I want, it’s just for me!

3. Finance – this section is only to keep track of totals that come in or leave from my account. I won’t use it for specifics. I will list +100 for money that was deposited or -100 for money that was removed. I feel there should be a separate journal or section for finances!

4. Craft Projects – I love creating things and this section is perfect for me to keep track of what I create.

5. Reading – I would like to read more and join a book club / book review group so I’m hoping to fill this section. I created it in hopes that I will follow through.

6. Relationships – this section helps me to keep track to send a thought to different people in my life to help me to keep in touch.

7. April Goals – this section is to list what I would want to have accomplished (or at least started) by the end of April.

I created the April doodle with a Black Pen and gel pen flowers. I put a little piece of spring color pattern paper in the corner to add color. I used mod podge to apply the spring flower and the bee to the pattern.

April 2017 Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

April 2017 Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

I used water colors for the title sections. I like watercolor paint because the black pen was not affected by it and I was able to write on the watercolor paint just as well as if I were writing on paper if it didn’t have paint.

I continued to water color and label the right side of the journal.

I added strips of Easter and spring pattern paper at the bottom to fill space and used the tulip stickers and bumble bee from the Bloom collection I had purchased this year.

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